About us

We are Kim & Lynn Nelis-De Sloover and we live together with our family in beautiful Aalter.

Our family currently consists of ourselves, our son Lowie, two cats and our boxer dogs.

Our first boxer together was Nelson, a yellow male. For me (Lynn) it was not my first contact with boxers. My parents already had two of them, so I was completely sold. Another dog breed was no longer an issue for me.
For my husband Kim it was a first encounter with boxers. I had told him that boxers are very sweet, playful, energetic dogs who can also have their own will. This perfectly described how our Nelson was as a puppy, and still is.

When Nelson was 5 months old, a second boxer was added: Louka, a boxer girl who was 3.5 years old at the time. The first few days it was adapting for both, but they quickly became friends, who are an inseparable duo and meanwhile enjoy a nice boxer life together in a host family.

When he was 8 months old, Nelson walked his first beauty show, on the advice of the breeder, who persuaded us to take a first step into the show world. We liked those first times and that is how we ended up in the show world with our dogs.

Besides the show world it started to itch to breed a litter with our dogs. We did this with Louka. Four puppies were born from the first litter, including our third boxer, Olly, a happy, gentle & affectionate boxer girl.

Meanwhile, our “Boxer Gang” has been further expanded and we have also entered into a partnership with the Italian Boxer Kennel Dell’Espinosolo. This is because the owner of this kennel, an experienced breeder and also a veterinarian, is a good friend of our family and he has excellent bloodlines in his boxer kennel which we would like to continue within our boxer kennel and breeding.

Keeping boxers, taking them for walks, accompanying them to various beauty shows and occasionally breeding a litter, has become our hobby, our passion!

We wish you a lot of fun discovering our boxer kennel.