Corona times / expected litter

Corona times / expected litter

Dear all,

First and foremost, we hope that all of you are well during these times of Corona.

Since we have received a lot of requests regarding puppies in recent weeks, we would like to inform you the following:

We currently have no puppies available. It is true that we have a girl that has been in heat for a few days and she can be mated. The mating will be done indoors with 1 of the own stud dogs (as these are the current Corona rules that are strictly applied).

As soon as the girl is mated AND found pregnant, this info will end up on our "PUP INFO" page and only then will our waiting list be opened.

If everything goes well, puppies will be born in our boxer kennel at the earliest in June 2020.

Of course, we will also strictly follow the applicable corona measures that will be in force. This may mean that puppies can only be viewed via photo, video conferencing, skype and that a visit will only take place when the puppies are 8 weeks old and are therefore allowed to leave the litter.

Now we are not going to get ahead of things at the moment and we are going to let nature take its course first.

Enjoy a sunny weekend, stay healthy and see you very soon with more news ...

Many greetings

Kim & Lynn